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Editor's Blog 13th March 2013

JOHN HAYWARD MAKES an interesting point in his “Lost & Found” round-up on page 5: despite the dire weather so far this year, a high proportion of reported escaped parrots have survived and have been recovered safely. It’s striking indeed how these tropical birds can adapt to our temperate conditions. My favourite example concerns an orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica) that was on the hoof in south-west London for several years, winters and all.

It used to team up with wandering bands of feral Indian ringnecks and was observed several times in the famous mass parakeet roost at Esher Rugby Club. At one stage, it liked to hang out at the lovely National Trust property at Osterley Park, a favourite haunt of mine.

Boy, did that parrot make a racket. It used to perch high in the plane trees by the lake and keep up a barrage of tin-ripping screeches. I tracked the culprit down by the expression of an angler who’d nipped out for a quiet morning’s fishing. The Amazon was sitting directly above him. I’ll never forget that look.

Full marks to the parrot for winter survival – but I did wonder whether the cold was its worst enemy!

■ Some changes to announce on the Cage & Aviary Birds team. Staff writer Laura Welch receives a well-deserved promotion to news editor (so she’ll be getting all your emails sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Deputy editor Nick West is taking up a roving brief as editor at large. And production/sub-editor Georgina Smith now steps up to a new challenge as managing editor. Well done all round, and I firmly believe the changes will help make Cage & Aviary Birds a better paper for all of our loyal readers.

■ Ed’s Quote of the Week: asked what he’d do if he won the lottery, Jim Hulse says (page 17): “Ask for the money in pennies so I could sit down and count out that my winnings were all there.” Now there speaks a true club official!

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