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In the November 30, 2016, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, any birdroom or aviary set-up can be enhanced by these lovely grassfinch species – though you might need to wait for them to display to sex them, as Larry Mann explains

In news, we report that a substantial sponsorship to Dagenham CBS is set to continue after a two-year deal with Vista Workspace Solutions Ltd proved successful and nine Canary Colour Breeders Association (CCBA) members have scored the team's highest ever medal count at the international colour canary VvNK show.

Earlier this month, the birdkeeping community learned of the death of its favourite writer: a man whose contributions to the hobby as a gifted writer and birdman will never be forgotten. Fred Wright looks back on the great man's life


A recent poll on an American Bengalese finch Facebook page got Tony Edwards thinking about how the colour standards developed, both here and on other continents


With bird thefts and dirty cages at sales being the main theme in this paper at the start of the month, Dave Brown offers his views on why it important for sellers not only to present birds in good condition at sales, but also to be more vigilant in the birdroom back home


Plus lots more, including Book Review, 60-Second Interview, Old Bird and canaries, plus lots more.









DTI001 30_11_16

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