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In the February 15, 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, if you breed birds, the subject of basic genetics immediately becomes relevant, yet many fanciers shy away from the subject. Here Paul Donovan discusses the bird basics and explains what's a chromosome, what's a gene, what is DNA – and most importantly, why it all matters in our hobby

In news, we report that three well-known budgerigar fanciers, who have stimulated the hobby in the North East over four decades, have been recognised for their services and the 2016 breeding returns of Severn Counties Foreign & British Bird Society (SCF&BBS) highlight two first members' breedings 43 years since club records began.

The picture of birds as pretty but mindless subjects of mankind is breaking up under the eye of science – and changed attitudes can't arrive soon enough for Dot Schwarz


When our birds aren't quite in peak condition before a show, or if we know they have one or more show fault – should we leave them at home or risk taking them to the exhibition hall? Clive Wakeman talks us through the various scenarios and varieties of 'showability'


Even in the quiet Cotswolds there's no hiding place when our intrepid duo come calling. This time it was lucky Fife champion Rob Taylor who found himself pouring the tea and fielding the questions


Plus lots more, including Marketplace, From the Bookshelf, mite and Gloster canaries, plus lots more.









DTI001 15_02_17

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