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In the May 10 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, if large can be beautiful, then the  great macaws demand a place in our series... and none surpasses the fabulous green-winged for sheer looks. Rosemary Low introduces a regal species that she has had the good fortune to observe twice in its native South America

In news, a brand new membership deal to get more budgerigar keepers involved with the Budgerigar Society (BS) has launched and the British Bird Council (BBC) and International Ornithological Association (IOA) are urging birdkeepers to send in photographic evidence of certain British bird species with deformed feet.

When Bill Naylor was touring Australia, it wasn't just weird and wonderful wildlife that he met – the people he met along the way were just as eccentric... if not more so

Antonio Petraroli introduces the Bologna Bird Show, where Europe's top canary fanciers converge on this fabulous city – for a show with an English flavour


Although you may know Sam Wildes as a successful budgerigar breeder, exhibitor and judge, he's got many other talents up his sleeve – starting with judging the Waxbill Finch Society Midlands branch show, following a visit to a prominent Midlands-based breeder!

Plus lots more, including Old Bird, Ask the Experts, Canaries Month by Month, Corser's Corner and judging, plus lots more.








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