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In the March 22, 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, following his article on February 15, Paul Donovan considers the role of genetic inheritance on pigmentation, and explains which particular genes are responsible for some of the better-known feather colours and mutations

In news, we report that special focus on breeding the orange-cheeked waxbill (Estrilda melpoda) has resulted in 31 being bred by Waxbill Finch Society (WFS) members in 2016 – compared to just one in 2015 and the British Bird Council (BBC) and International Ornithological Association (IOA) have branded "unacceptable" DEFRA's proposal for a Class Licence for Northern British bird subspecies instead of a General Licence

Breeder of what one expert described as the best Yorkshire canary of all time, Jack Mason became a legend of the fancy far beyond his native Merseyside. In the first of two articles, Liverpool & District YCC chairman Brian Keenan sets the scene of this bird's ultimate triumph


What does it feel like to plan the future for an entire species? Last year Rosemary Low renewed her acquaintance with someone in just that position: Dr Cromwell Purchase, whose drastic conservation techniques include influencing the sex ratio of baby macaws in the egg


Though enthusiasm for the superb fruit dove might be dampened by its messy, liquid, frequent droppings, that is just about all that can be said against it! Bill Naylor reckons it should be much better known in aviculture, and advises on housing and feeding for this fabulous columbid


Plus lots more, including Alderton's Observations, Budgerigar Comment, On the Road with Brown & Green and Book Review, plus lots more.









DTI001 22_03_17

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