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In the June 29, 2016, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, the books on the birds-of-paradise are almost as beguiling as the birds themselves. Here Bill Naylor reviews some of the classic titles and the changing emphasis of their authors

In news, we report that Cage & Aviary Birds is to team up with Maidstone & South Eastern Counties Avicultural Society (SECAS) to run a combined open show and sales event in Kent this November and one hundred exhibition budgerigars from a stud that began in 1959 have burned to death in a devastating birdroom fire.


As avifauna populations continue to decline across the globe, the Loro Parque Fundación and its various partners strive to make a difference to the lives of some species that have been adversely affected by trafficking, habitat loss, farming and lack of education, says Dr David Waugh. Here, Dr Waugh sets the scene for two species – the red-and- blue lory and vinaceous-breasted parrot – whose real population was simply not known before the Fundación helped to fund vital fieldwork that may save these birds


Brian Keenan continues outlining his canary calendar for the year with a focus on your birdkeeping routine from April through to June


As the spring draws to a close, Colin O'Hara reports on his latest developments in the rubino and spangled mutations of the splendid parakeet, and advises on essential pest control


Plus lots more, including Bengalese, zebra finches, Species in Focus and Ask the Expert.









DTI001 029_06_16

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