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In the July 29, 2015 issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, we all know that birds have mastered the art of flight via their unique development of feathers. But what does each type of feather do, and what apart from flight do these amazing structures enable? Paul Donovan investigates


In news we report that a newly established society for keepers of softbills took its inspiration from the Java Sparrow Society UK, say officials and Wingz Bird & Animal Sanctuary in Cornwall has welcomed a much-needed donation, which will pay for the supply of water to the site in Par.


Even more than most cockatoos, the endemic Philippine species needs help to restore its fortunes. David Waugh brings good news from the conservation teams in the field




Sometimes our zebra finches may become unwell for one reason or another. Dave Brown looks at some of the more common problems and offers advice on the best way to prevent them in the first place or treat them if need be




Always seeking for ways to add variety to his birds’ diet, Tony Edwards is pleased with a new soaked-seed recipe




Plus lots more, including Alderton’s Observations, canaries, Ask the Expert and In the Trade


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