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In the January 18, 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, deep in the heart of woodland, in the most picturesque part of the East Midlands, lies the Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre, a paradise for those who love these fierce and beautiful birds. Staff member Jan Taylor describes what it's like to work with these fantastic creatures every day. Words: Susie Kearley

In news, we report that ten years after being shut away, Mid Ulster Border FCC's show staging has had a new lease of life and more than 1,000 "new" bird species have been recognised after scientists completed the most exhaustive illustrated avian guide ever compiled.

In the first of three articles on keeping Bengalese finches, aimed at beginners, John Ward offers a simple appraisal of the classes involved when showing, before moving on to cover these birds' feeding requirements in more detail


In the first of two articles Rosemary Low calls for keepers to show more initative on diet. Though writing primarily with psittacines in mind, the principles apply to most birds


Zebra finch legend Jim Addison offers a masterly overview of how the cage bird fancy has developed during his lifetime


Plus lots more, including Budgerigar Diary, 60-Second Interview, Gail Harland's Waterbirds and Companion Parrots, plus lots more.









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