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Signed feather art set for parrot auction

Tidy-UpTHE WORLD PARROT Trust (WPT) has teamed up with artist Chris Maynard for an exclusive fundraiser: an auction of wildlife art in order to support parrot conservation.

Two original feather sculptures and 10 signed prints by Mr Maynard will be auctioned online from September 23 to October 1. A portion of the proceeds will support conservation efforts currently underway in Costa Rica, at WPT partner The Ara Project, to protect and restore populations of scarlet (Ara macao) and Endangered great green macaws (A. ambiguus).


Essex show smashes gold status target

IMG 1606MID ESSEX BUDGERIGAR Society (BS) has breezed onto the BS gold patronage list for 2018, after achieving a remarkable open-show benched entry of 710.

On September 10, at Bicknacre, Essex, 710 budgerigars were benched from an entry of 887, which officials say is thanks to the tremendous support from fanciers, the show’s numerous incentives and top sponsorship.


High hopes for entry increase at the 'show of shows'

IMG 0598WITH JUST UNDER a week before entries close for this year’s Budgerigar Society (BS) Club Show, officials are hoping for its highest entry in recent years.

Exhibitors at the Dome in Doncaster, on September 30 and October 1, can expect a number of incentives, including commemorative teaspoons showing the colour and year of ring-issue (blue for 2017) for those who bench eight cages or more (excluding sales).


Carves pictorial ideal honours 80th year of the Northern BS

IMG 30435A CARVING BASED on the Budgerigar Society’s (BS) pictorial of the ideal exhibition budgerigar has been commissioned for the Northern BS’s 80th celebration.

The bespoke wood carving of a light green budgerigar has been donated by fanciers Raymond & Jim Rogerson, from Longhorsley, Northumberland, and was created by their brother Denis Rogerson.


DEFRA stalls on Class Licence plans

Mealy-redpoll-cock-by-JDEFRA’S LATEST DECISION to delay its proposal for a Class Licence (CL) for Northern British bird subspecies has left the hobby “in limbo”, says the British Bird Council (BBC).

In March, the proposal was branded “unacceptable” by the BBC and International Ornithological Association (IOA), who argued that a CL instead of a General Licence (GL) would affect plans to increase ring sizes in line with birds being bred in Europe.


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