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Essex show smashes gold status target

IMG 1606MID ESSEX BUDGERIGAR Society (BS) has breezed onto the BS gold patronage list for 2018, after achieving a remarkable open-show benched entry of 710.

On September 10, at Bicknacre, Essex, 710 budgerigars were benched from an entry of 887, which officials say is thanks to the tremendous support from fanciers, the show’s numerous incentives and top sponsorship.

It has taken the club under five years to reach a benched figure over 600. (Budgerigar Society rules state 600 is needed to qualify for gold status.) In 2016, from an entry of 611, the club welcomed 489 benched birds. Though it was 154 more compared to 2015, the club was short of 111 to reach gold. Officials began a publicity campaign to take the 2017 silver patronage show to gold.

Now, next year’s show will be the first BS gold-patronage show in Essex since the BS started the scheme of gold, silver and bronze patronage in 2006. Sponsorship secretary Graham Paine said: “To qualify for gold, which we did comfortably, is such an achievement.”

Mr Paine believes the amazing response to the show was due to the club’s top-class incentives, such as free show cages and seed prizes for all section winners, and junior packages from sponsors worth more than £100 each.

Mr Paine continued: “The online raffle was also a major influence as it put our club in the limelight and encouraged people to make the journey on the day to see it unfold. We have already been approached by sponsors wanting to be part of our drive forward in 2018.”

According to Grant Findlay, the BS administrator who is engaged to judge Mid Essex’s 2018 show, to get to gold patronage takes a lot of work and support by BS members in the area and further afield.

He explained: “This is a tribute to the respect and following this club has achieved in recent years.

“It is a fantastic reward for the huge efforts and imaginative features which all involved in Mid Essex BS have introduced and promoted.”

Promotional secretary Ricky Anderson said how much the 2018 show will differ depends on the new venue needed to house further increased entry.

He said: “I’d like a venue with Wi-Fi so I can set up multiple cameras, a bit like a mini TV production. I’d like to employ some of the younger members to do multiple live social media broadcasts and let them have fun with it to get as much of the live Mid Essex show out there online.”

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