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NCA & CC launch joint ring scheme


IMG 0877THE CANARY COUNCIL (CC) has teamed up with the National Council for Aviculture (NCA) to launch a new ID-coded closed-ring scheme for UK canary breeders. The CC secretary sequently encourage Chris Smith made the show at the World Show more UK exhibitors proposal earlier this year at the CC’s AGM, to work with the NCA under an adapted version of the NCA’s ring scheme.

When the NCA revised its constitution in 2006, it set up a ring scheme but it has not been put into practice until the current joint arrangement with the CC. This scheme joins the Budgerigar Society, the British Bird Council and the various foreign bird sections issuing closed rings for UK breeders. 

The rings will be adminis- tered by the CC and will use NCA ring initials to avoid confusion with the colour canary section, which already uses the initials “CC”. The scheme aims to target breeders who currently use split rings and encourage them to closed-ring with their own unique ID-coded ring.

"We are looking to encourage the use of closd rings and subsequently encourage more UK exhibitors to show at the World Show,” explained Mr Smith.

To comply with COM, ID-coded rings in the year colour have to be used to enable breeders to show at the World Show."

The scheme is open to all canary breeders and not just those societies and not just those societies affiliated to the CC, so long as individuals have completed a ring order form and paid the ring fee/postage and subscription for the appropriate year (ring membership subscription is £5 per annum). 

Barry Mills, the NCA's honourary life vice-president said: "As the number of UK fanciers interested in exhibiting abroad increases this is a timely development to facilitate as many canary fanciers as possible to close-ring their birds and participate in COM events, such as the World Show."

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