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Colour canary breeders top their gold-medal count at Gouden Ring

old-website-page-2CANARY COLOUR BREEDERS Association (CCBA) members have more than doubled their 2016 gold medal count at this year’s Gouden Ring show.

From seven CCBA exhibitors who sent birds to the show in Roeselare, Belgium, on December 2-3, a total of seven gold, two silver and three bronze medals were won – an increase on last year’s three gold, three silver and two bronze total.

A smaller than usual number of CCBA exhibitors, many of whom are also IOA members, took part this year, which president Geoff Walker believes was largely due to a poor breeding season.

He told Cage & Aviary Birds: “Regardless of the relatively small number of exhibitors’ birds couriered by primarily coloured canary fanciers in the southern counties, they claimed excellent success at this years’ event.

“Twelve medals is an excellent achievement considering the acknowledged overall superiority of European breeders versus those in the UK with coloured canaries.”

Gold medals were achieved by George Philpot for his intensive red ivory agate opal (91 points) and a red ivory black opal (90); Colin Patterson’s mosaic red isabel opal cock (90) and white black cobalt (90); Chris Hope’s mosaic red brown pastel hen (90) and two for Geoff Walker’s mosaic yellow agate hen (92) and white brown opal (93).

Silver medals went to Allen Blundell’s stam of lipochrome red mosaic cocks (368 points) and Mr Walker’s mosaic red agate topaz cock (91). Bronze was awarded to a mosaic red brown pastel cock (91) exhibited by Mr Hope; Bob Costellow’s yellow black Jaspe (90) and for Mr Philpot’s mosaic red brown cock (91).

Bronze medal winner Bob Costellow from Hull commented: “It felt really good to be part of the 2017 team. My first win at the Gouden Ring show was back in 2013 with a yellow agate topaz, which achieved 92 points. I then won gold with a non-intensive yellow ivory whitewing in 2014 with 91 points. I missed a few shows before returning this year and winning a bronze medal for my yellow black Jaspe which was awarded 90 points.”

The show welcomed a total of 6,467 entries, of which 1,871 were coloured canaries.

Mr Walker added: “This show is one of the most successful all variety events in Northern Europe, and promotes a friendly atmosphere somewhat reminiscent of the old English National shows.”

● Regular C&AB correspondent Donald Skinner-Reid won three gold and one bronze (giboso canaries) and one silver for his Belgian canary exhibit. Further results from the Gouden Ring show will appear in a forthcoming issue.

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